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ARAY in the News


A view of beds almost ready for planting. COURTESY PHOTO

Sophia Schwartz, Mali Rosen Sweet, Devon Saxman and Laina Harris at the Pride Festival. STEVE LINEBERRY / FLORIDA WEEKLY

“The yellow flower over there is candlestick,” Lisa said as she worked the earth. “They’re pollinators and have medicinal properties. The pink flower next to it is bur mallow; it’s also medicinal.”

A picture of empty garden beds that links to a news article

“Everyone at pride is just so happy.” Trejo said. “Pride is a place where people just feel so loved and cherished by their community. To see that, even in just a microcosm of a day, it makes you think about how you can extend that pride into all aspects of life.” 

A clickable picture of four queer youth that leads to a news article

"'The youth are the future,' Trejo said. 'The movements that are made now affect future generations. It is important to have the youth represented in our political processes.'"

A clickable picture of three youth holding signs that leads to a news article

A parent of a Charlotte County school student speaks against the banning of books at a recent school board meeting.

Iman Zaben, Port Charlotte High School; Talia Cristina and Abigail Kirsty, Charlotte High School. STEVE LINEBERRY / FLORIDA WEEKLY

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